Copenhagen 17/9 - 2011.

Dear Rabi,

I have just received your vibrant, beautiful drawings thanks!

The drawings touch my heart deeply, I am so grateful that you are giving me an opening into your life in Lalitpur, Nepal. So thanks dear Rabi!!!!!!

I am so very happy and grateful that you accepted the idea of me including you and your drawings in an exhibition here in Copenhagen. I am sure that the people who come to the exhibition will be very interested and touched by your drawings. Isn't it funny that a lot of Danish people will see you drawings up here in cold Denmark (the weather has just turned more cold and grey).

I like the way you draw your life and I can see and feel that you have put your whole life in these drawings. It is funny, because when I look at your 3 drawings I can see that you have put different aspects of your life into each drawing, one is titled My Village, another one My Home and the last one Tara Punja English School, Lalitpur, Nepal, when I make art, I also do that, trying to make things clear and say: this is about this, and this is about that. And I can see that you do the same!

Do you like playing football? In two of your three drawings are kids playing football. I have to tell you, that I wasn't very good at football, when I was a boy, I quite never understood how to do it successfully. I remember football matches where I only got the ball one or maybe two times, so I was the boy who was always chosen as one of the last one, when we had football matches in school not very funny, so I started to sneak out of the matches and instead turned to drawing and painting. Later on I took an art education and since then has I worked with art.

I live alone in a flat in Copenhagen, the flat is quite big and cheap which is good, since I seldom sell anything of my art works, so money is tight. The nice thing about the flat is that it is light, it is on the top floor, with high ceilings and there is enough space, so I can work on my art here, also it would be rather difficult for me to rent a studio in town, since the prices are so high.

I cant express how happy, grateful and fortunate I feel that suddenly the 3 drawings of yours arrived at my doorstep. A sincere, beautiful spirit entered my life. How lucky I am. Thanks!

I have attached a photograph of myself, so you can see how I look like and a small gift. And I will write to you again and tell you about how people responded to your drawings here in Copenhagen.

So dear Rabi, all the best Peter

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